What is the Reverse Martingale System?


The martingale roulette system is one of the most popular and famous betting strategies especially to newcomers to roulette and other casino games. the last thing you want to do is to your faith and trust in this strategy if you want to improve your game or want to play the game seriously and professionally. There are two common methods of this strategy, the standard and the reverse martingale system. The standard is a double – up system that lets you bet on double after a loss in an attempt to make a profit and claw back any losses. While, the reverse martingale is the exact opposite where you can double your bet even if you won.

The truth about the reverse martingale system

A reverse martingale systems is also popular for the term anti martingale. It is because this approach increases your bets after winning and reduces after losing a bet. This is partly similar to a Parlay Bet or Letting it Ride in for Forex and Stock market traders, but you do not have to keep your money on making the same bet when doing a reverse martingale. You just have to go for what you believe is the best course of action. The best thing about this system is that you are easily increasing your bet, as well as, your earnings bet by bet.

Take note that the key problem with a positive progression system such as the reverse martingale is at the start of your bet you are going to lose some points and this is its law of averages. However, you are going to wipe out your entire earnings in a one – foul swoop if you want to double up your bets after you win and if you have disciplined and pull out when you have the chance. In short, this betting system needs you to strict and stick to your practices of money management.

You should bank your earnings along the way and reset all your levels of entry bets. Then, it all just comes down to whether you can accurately hit and predict that you are in a winning and hitting streak or not. Just bear in mind that the longer you go on with your bets, the more earnings you are going to spent after each loss, so do not get greedy when yu are on winning streaks. In short, you have to place your bet wisely and do not get over your head to bet more because you just won 3 – 6 times.

How to use the reverse martingale system effectively and successfully

Always remember that no effective system will improve your fundamental odds in winning a bet when you get your chance at te roulette table, but playing a reverse martingale effectively would make a big influence and difference. However, you should first considers few things before you can use this system effectively, and these are as follows:

1) Limit your bets to short streaks of 4 – 5 per games and stop. Then, play another with the same streaks starting from a starter bet. By this way, you can easily to grind and try out your succession for successful and profitable streaks.

2) You should take a break occasionally and come back with fresh mind, determination, and point of views.

3) Limit your session and break it down into short sessions.