Blackjack Martingale?

The next strategy we will look at is the Martingale System. This is a system of betting that aims to win you a single unit
(initial bet amount) once you get a win, despite how many losses you take before the win.
How it Works
There is a VERY simplistic rule with the Martingale System:
When you lose, double your bet for the next hand/spin/shoot
The theory behind this is that eventually you will win and be up by one unit, so if you bet $1 and loose, bet $2 the next time. That way if you win, you will be up $1. If you happen to lose again on the $2 bet, then bet $4 for the next hand, if you win you will make back your losses, plus be up $1.
A Variation to the Strategy
There is also a variation to the standard Martingale Strategy, though BEWARE!! This variation does increase profits and looks pretty attractive, but it does require a bigger bankroll.
The variation is where, instead of just doubling the bet, you double the bet and add an addition betting unit. So let’s say you get $1and lost, your next bet would be $3, if that lost your next bet would be $7.
The upside here is that if/when you win a hand/spin/shoot you are winning a unit for each turn you have lost. As you can see by the red line, after a few losses you have to bet more than your bankroll to stay in the game. The above example shows what would happen if you put some more money onto the table (increased your bankroll), but what would happen if you just bet what you had left.
So we see that even in this example, after the same hands, you are at a higher profit then the standard system. It is important to remember that you could well get a run that simply puts you out of the game, they do happen. The trick is to know a few different strategies that you can use to increase your win ratio, and then use this system to place your bets.
•A deck of cards will vary when shuffled, meaning that each hand does not have a 50/50 chance of losing each time a new hand is dealt, and it is not a random memory less game. This is compounded when there are multiple decks being used at the table and can mean that you may have a 10% chance of winning the first hand, but a 90% chance of winning the next.
•Most online casinos have tables with a fairly low minimum bet (about $1) so you can take a few extra losses before the win comes through compared to using the same initial stake at a real casino.
•If the table does not give you big losing streaks is varies each hand between a few wins and a few losses, it is easy to win a constant flow of profit using this system.
•If you get dealt Blackjack, you win 1.5 times your bet, so your profit margin will be bigger. If the dealer pulls Blackjack, then you only lose your bet on the table, and can double it the next bet. Just as if you lost at the end of the hand.
•You need a pretty big bankroll (basically, the amount of money you are willing and ready to gamble with) in order to use this system effectively on a table, online it does vary because the minimum bet amounts are smaller
•You can keep betting infinitely, the problem is that the tables have a maximum bet amount. If you hit a really big streak against you and get up to the maximum bet, well that is a far as you can go.
•Once you have lost a few times, you will be risking a lot of money to make a small profit (considering you are also winning back previous losses). Hardly seems worth risking over $1,000 to win $5 doesn’t it?
•What happened when you can split your hand or double down?? If you stick to the system, NOTHING!!! Then again if you double down and loose, you won’t have to double that bet the next time to keep the system going.
Is this the BEST Strategy?
Novices tend to see this strategy and think it is the greatest strategy in the world (it looks like you can keep betting to infinity and eventually you will win) but we suggest that you find a free casino game site and try it out to see how it works for you. But remember, you will not get the full effect until you have your money on the table. It’s easy to bet thousands of dollars of free and imaginary money.
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