About the Martingale System


The Martingale System is a very easy to use method of betting on specific events, namely it is used in Roulette for placing bets on either red or black. Simply put when your bet loses you double your next bet until it wins. Bear in mind you can always go on long losing streaks causing you to bet large amount of money for a small profit.
The martingale system is one of the most famous betting systems in the world, mainly due to it’s simplicity and ability to be applicable to many forms of betting including sports betting and casino games.

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It is the most known and used strategy in all casinos. You progressively double the lost tokens or points until you win. For instance, you bet 1 red chip and it generates black, you bet 2 chips on red, and it generates black, you bet 4 chips on red, again it generates Black until you manage to have the bets of 8-16-32-64 chips to generate red, at which point you recover the lost tokens + 1 token as gain! Theoretically, this roulette strategy works, but most Casinos impose their a maximum bet limit and after statistics arise situations when 12-18 rounds don’t generate a certain color or a specific series of numbers (even-odd, 1 to 18, 19 to 36) where the odds would be 50/50 without taking into account the 0 or 00! The stakes are far too high to earn 1 token (dot)! Do you think it is worth? Martingale is the most known and popular roulette strategy which perfectly proves itself only in certain cases. Your chances of winning using this rule of doubling the amount previously lost are minimum. In many casinos’ classical statistics you may find series of 12 to 15 consecutive rounds in which only certain numbers arranged in a certain part of the cylinder are generated. Regarding the online roulette softwares that are generating delusions have taken into account this method as well, so money still go where they belong.

This method dates back to the 1800s but only a few years ago did it make an aggressive promotional campaign. Indeed people win with this method but the payout is unfortunately still on casino’s side. The Martingale strategy is the basis of the methods and strategies that are offered on the online platforms. From here, many well promoted systems that unfortunately belong to the online casinos are generated in order to attract more players who are profit generators. Most systems that are based on the Martingale strategy and guarantee 100% payout are not recommended and many people are against them as long as the truth in their case is not told.