Martingale System

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The Martingale system is one of the oldest betting systems in the world with its origins in France in the eighteenth century. It refers to a set of betting strategies that range from the simple to the more complex. This article aims to detail the Martingale Roulette System, how it works, and the probability of winning or losing when using the Martingale system.
Martingale Roulette System – How it Works

The simplest of the martingale betting strategy works like this: you win a wager if the coin that is tossed comes up as heads. You lose if it comes up as tails. Using the Martingale betting strategy, you double your wager after every loss. Any first win after many losses would recover all the losses incurred up till then and the profit of the deal would be the original/first stake. When applied to roulette, the probability of hitting the black or the red colour or odd or even is close to fifty percent.

The Martingale Roulette System is not generally used in real world casinos, but it is widely used in online casinos. The Martingale system is not currency specific; here the game is explained with GBP.

A Sample Betting Session

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The session starts by betting the chips on either black or red on the roulette wheel. Taking black as an example, if the ball lands on a black number after a spin of the wheel, you win. You remove the chips from the table and start betting again. If the ball lands on a red number after a spin of the wheel, you lose the amount you placed as bet. When you start betting again using the Martingale system, you must double the bet amount.

If you start the betting session with a reserve of £100 and place a bet of £10 on either black or red on the roulette, the reserve becomes £90 if you lose the bet. Using the Martingale system your next bet amount is £20. If you lose the next round, your reserve comes down to £70. Your next bet would be £40 and if you win this round, the reserve rises to £70 + £40 equalling £110. A string of losses thus requires an exponential growth in the amount placed as the bet.

However, if you lost in the third round, you will not have enough reserve to place the stake as the next bet would have amounted to £80. Even if you bet the entire reserve, that is £70, you cannot cover your losses. By the time you reach your limit, you cannot play further and you would have already incurred a heavy loss. The only option is to come back later and play with a larger reserve.

If you started betting with £5 and lost thirteen bets in a row, you would have to stake a very large amount for the next round. Even if you have that kind of money as reserve, the table limits may stop you from placing the next bet. In most casinos, there would be a £500 or £1000 limit on a £5 table. The higher the table limit, the higher is the betting amount.

If the probability of a wipe-out is assumed to be rare, a series of smaller-sized wins can add up to a good return.

Martingale Roulette System – How to Increase the Odds of Winning

Given below are some suggestions that can increase the odds of winning using the Martingale system.

Using the Martingale system, you will go broke if you lose many times in a row. Therefore, Martingale has a greater chance of working in the shorter term. The longer you play, the greater are the chances of you having a longer losing streak. If your question is, how short is ‘short’, experts put it at about an hour.

If you are betting £5 on red in a roulette game without the Martingale system, and you are going to play 30 rounds with a reserve of £1000, then the chances are that you will win about 46% of the time and lose 54% of the time. If the Martingale system of doubling the bet is used, the chance of winning the bet shoots up to 82% from 46 percent. However, the amount of loss is also higher.

One other factor that decreases the chances of winning is having a lower reserve. When there is not enough money to double up the bets and continue while on a losing streak, the chance of winning automatically comes down.

The odds of winning are different when using the European and American Roulette wheels. Whereas American roulette wheels have both ‘0’ and ’00’, European Roulette wheels have only a ‘0’. When using the American roulette wheel, the casino has an advantage 5.3 percent over the player. The odds of winning are increased when the house-edge is lower as when using European roulette.

Martingale Roulette System – Modifications

Over the years, the Martingale Roulette System has evolved from the classic version into many other versions, some of them being Great Martingale, Shattered Martingale, etc. The Great Martingale is generally used by those players with large amounts of reserve. It works like the classic version with a slight difference: if you lose, the bet is doubled and the value of the last bet is added. The Shattered Martingale version was developed to lower the chances of losing after repeated spins of one colour. The betting game follows a predefined pattern guided by the laws of probability.

Should You Use the Martingale Roulette System

This is a question that is best answered by you. However, the Martingale Roulette System may work for you in the following situations:

You are willing to lose a large amount of money in case you do lose. The chances of winning increases if you have a reserve of £200 (if you are placing £1 bets) and a reserve of at least £1000 (if you are placing £5 bets). You are going to play only for a short duration of time. You are willing to lose the entire reserve amount.

Rounding off, it is not wise to assume that the Martingale strategy can make you a guaranteed winner. Most roulette systems are not guaranteed to work, but there are a few precautions that you can take to increase your chances of winning the bet.